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Sabian AA Metal X Brilliant Performance 3 Cymbal Set

Sabian AA Metal X Brilliant Performance 3 Cymbal Set
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Product Description

Sabian AA Metal-X Performance Cymbal Box Set

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Sabian is the one of finest name in the world in cymbals. This is one of the most popular box set of cymbals in the world. This set includes 3 cymbals..

The Sabian cymbals included are:

  • 14 Inch Metal-X Hihats Cymbal Pair
  • 16 Inch Metal-X Crash Cymbal
  • 20 Inch Medium Ride Cymbal

    SABIAN has introduced AA Metal-X, a range of aggressive, high-powered cymbals designed specifically for today's hardest-hitting, loudest and heaviest drummers. Handcrafted from SABIAN secret-process B20 bronze, the world's most durable and effective cymbal alloy, AA Metal-X delivers power through a uniquely new and innovative design that focuses on cymbal performance efficiency, not weight to create the power required to cut through today's high-powered playing situations. Loaded with new design concepts, this professional 'Brilliant Finish' range is definitely designed for today's power players. Innovative AA Metal-X features include:

    A power-active design so AA Metal-X models open up faster, project louder and further, and have an extended sustain that increases their presence before sliding into silence with a smooth decay curve.

    A solid, raw, unlathed bell that that not only increases volume and explosiveness, but is pitch compatible with the rest of the cymbal, for increased response brightness and tonal consistency.

    A high-speed, tension-adjusting dual lathing process on the top and bottom of each cymbal that shapes the sound and creates a strong visual identity.