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ProCo Siamese Twin Power and XLR Cable
ProCo Siamese Twin Power and XLR Cable
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Product Description

The Cable comes with the ProCo "any excuse, even abuse" lifetime warranty.

Siamese Twďns
Powered Speaker Interconnect Cables


• Combine balanced audio and AC power in a single easy-to-handle cable assembly

• Rugged, yet fl exible, composite cable for fast set-ups and tear-downs without adding “clutter” to an already busy stage

• Shielded AC and double-shielded audio lines totally eliminate all hum and buzz problems under 100 kHz.

• Stock connector confi gurations are available for all common applications.


Pro Co Siamese Twins Cables are designed to provide quick, neat and reliable connection of audio mixers to self-powered fullrange and bi-amplified loudspeaker systems, including products from Turbosound, JBL, EON, EAW, Meyer, Mackie and other professional audio manufacturers. Available with all common connector configurations required, Pro Co Siamese Twins Cables combine balanced XLR-type audio lines with specially-shielded high-current AC power cordage in a ruggedly-jacketed composite cable assembly suitable for both fi xed and portable professional sound system applications. The proprietary, multi-conductor, ROHS-compliant, cable is available in two basic configurations, each incorporating a ULlisted PVC-jacketed 14-gauge 3-conductor power cable with a 100% coverage aluminum/mylar shield, and with one or two fl exible double-shielded, 24 AWG twisted-pair, individually jacketed audio cables, all within a tough yet supple overall matte black outer jacket. Depending upon the confi guration required, molded NEMA 5-15P (“Edison plug”) connectors, molded NEMA C-13 (IEC female “to-your-computer power cord-type”) inline receptacles, or Neutrik Powercon input/output connectors are combined with the appropriate-gender XLR-type connectors to deliver both 120VAC power and audio to the loudspeaker system, or to daisy-chain from one system to the next if required (for systems providing loop-through audio and power connectors). Standard Siamese Twins assemblies have a 36” tail for the AC input and 18” tails for the audio connector(s) at the “sending” (mixer) end, and a 12” fanout for both at the “receiving” (loudspeaker system) end. JBL EON cabinets require an additional length of AC cable to reach their power-input connector and are available as a standard product. For easy identifi cation the audio cables(s) are color-coded with either a white or red jacket and the ends of each composite assembly are color-coded with heat-shrink: red indicating the end to be connected to the AC outlet and mixer and black for the end delivering power and audio signal to the speaker system. Each fi nished assembly is thoroughly tested to assure both safety and high-definition performance.