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OU Sooners Fabric on Genuine Leather Guitar Strap

OU Sooners Fabric on Genuine Leather Guitar Strap
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Product Description

OU Sooners Fabric on Genuine Leather Guitar Strap
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This is a Genuine Leather Professional Guitar Strap Made With OU Licensed Fabric! The strap is hand made of genuine leather and is NOT vinyl or nylon but it is actually full solid black leather. It is NOT just leather on the ends where the buttons go, but it is a full length piece of high quality cowhide leather so it is sturdy and will last for generations with the proper care. It is topped off with the fully licensed University of Oklahoma Fabric that gives it a super cool look. The strap is 2-3/4 inches wide and can be adjusted to lengths from 42 inches to 62 inches long. Yes you heard it right, this strap will extend out to a full 62 inches long. It has a unique back belt that fully adjustible but there are 4 different lengths that can be used at one time without having to stop and adjust the strap. In other words you can change it from your long bass guitar to your shorter electric and then to you acoustic and even to a small parlor and all the holes are already the right length where you set them before hand. The back belt is also removable without unbuttoning it from the end pin strap button of the guitar. We have all had those times where we were finished with a song or a set and we looked to the sound man to turn off our guitar channel so we could unplug the guitar and go for a break or sit down after a performance and the sound guy is talking to his girlfriend. This means you have to either stand there until he is finished with his flirt or make a pop so loud that it wakes the dead. With this Rob Nelson Leather Strap you can simply unclip the release and leave the back belt on your guitar and put it down without unbuttoning it from the back of the guitar. It is very very convenient. The strap also works well for Acoustic Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and even Banjo when combined with our Banjo Button Straps. We have sold the cheap import straps and some not so cheap imported Asian straps for many years. However, with very few exceptions, we found the leather was getting poorer and worse quality all the time. In our quest for a super high quality solid leather strap we found that right here in Canadian County Oklahoma in the Cheyenne Arapaho Nation these high quality super leather straps in the Leather Shop of Rob Nelson. They are made of the finest solid one piece 6 oz. leather. These straps are not imports but are made at the Rob Nelson Leather Shop right here in El Reno Oklahoma. It is adjustable from 42 inches to 62 inches. If you are tired of being dissappointed with cheap straps, this is one you will not part with here.

This is not a licensed University of Oklahoma or NCAA product.
However, it is hand-crafted from licensed University of Oklahoma fabric.
I am not affiliated with or sponsored by the University of Oklahoma.