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New Hondo Beginner Mandolin Not High Quality but Cheap!

New Hondo Beginner Mandolin Not High Quality but Cheap!
Item# HMAN10
Factory List Price: $285.00
Sale Price: $89.00

Product Description


Brand New Hondo HMan100 All Wood Bluegrass Series Mandolin

Clean A Shape Body

Select Spruce Top

Nicely Grained Nato Mahogany Back and sides

Gorgeous Vintage Sunburst Semi Gloss Finish

Nice Fingerboard For Fast Light Touch

Pearl Headstock Logo Inlays

Quality Stay-rite Mando Tuners

Small Easy Play Neck

Great Throaty Sound

Nickel Tuners with Pearl Buttons

Dovetail Neck Joint

Functional Fingerboard Easy to Play

Deeper Body Design

Hand Shaped Bracing

Factory Suggested List Price $285

This HMAN 10 Beginner Edition Mandolin is new. At Oklahoma Vintage Guitar we are always looking for good somewhat quality instruments that cost less for our customers who want something cheap. If you are new to the Mandolin World, please note this is a "CHEAP" mandolin. A nice high quality Mandolin hard shell case costs about $200 and this is a mandolin that is less than HALF of what the mentioned case costs. Your mandolin Teacher probably plays a Gibson F5 Fern or a Weber and many of those cost over $5000. He or she is not going to like this "CHEAP" manodlin. They want you to buy one that has the quailty of their $5000 mandolin. It CANNOT be done for $100 or $200 or even $400. This is a great little mandolin for the money but if you are trying to buy something to impress your friends or your mandolin teacher, "THIS AIN'T IT." It is CHEAP and if you want something CHEAP, just to play around with, here it is. However, don't buy this mandolin expecting to get a $1000 mandolin. It is $89 and it will cost you almost as much in shipping both ways to return it as it did to buy it. If you want a better mandolin, we have them, but "THEY AIN'T CHEAP." This Mandolin has a sound and a feel and quality of fine workmanship of those much more expensive but it is CHEAP. However, unlike other mandolins in this price range, this model tunes easily and stays in tune. The action on the neck is relatively easy to play and easy on your fingers. It has that classic Traditional Sweet Mandolin sound. It sings with great highs for fast lead licks, yet has a great throaty bite on those clean rhythm chops. The touch and feel are soft and clean and the sound of Nato Mahogany and Spruce combination is awesome. It is relatively easy to play and has a fantastic bluegrass sound acoustically. This Hondo is an A Mandolin with all wood construction. It has a nicely grained Spruce top. The fingerboard is the easy to play smooth style and along with the adjustable bridge is of rosewood. The body has a beautiful Classic Vintage Sunburst Semi Gloss finish. The neck is really smooth and fast and very comfortable with a semi gloss finish. The peg-head has nickel tuners with pearl white buttons for the most precise and enduring intonation possible. Give us a call toll free at 1-888-422-0788 if you have questions about this mandolin. Your satisfaction is always our priority here at Oklahoma Vintage Guitar. A Word About the Topwood In This Instrument Spruce has become an industry standard for high quality tonewoods. It is a very versatile top that works well for all styles of playing. Presently abundant makes it under appreciated, but it is one of the all time best tonewoods. The color is fairly light when new and becomes golden over time. A Pacific Northwest wood.

Your satisfaction is important to us when buying fine instruments from Oklahoma Vintage Guitar but this is NOT a fine instrument. We work very hard to have the best customer service in the industry. We want you to have the instrument that is right for you. So, if you want a really nice mandolin, this is not the one for you, but it is CHEAP and we know some of you want a CHEAP mandolin.