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Rob Nelson World's Finest Hand Carved Leather Straps

Rob Nelson Custom Carved Leather Straps
Rob Nelson Custom Carved Leather Straps
Item# RNCustom
Factory List Price: $600.00
Sale Price: $399.00

Product Description

Rob Nelson Custom Carved Leather Straps
Rob Nelson Leather Custom Guitar Straps are carved by hand right in the heart of the Cheyenne Arapaho Nation in El Reno Oklahoma. The need for these straps arose from the demand for super high quality guitar straps for customers of the high end guitars from Oklahoma Vintage Guitar. One customer said “It just ain't right to put a $10 strap on a $5,000.00 guitar.” At Oklahoma Vintage Guitar we have import straps starting at $3.00 and we have many under $100, but the Rob Nelson Leather Custom Straps start at $100 going to $1000 with the average strap order being $399. These straps are all custom made to order and no two are alike. One well known super star said “ When I step out in front of 10,000 people for a concert, I have on a $1000 pair of boots, a $600 hat, a $500 belt and a $10,000 guitar and a $39 strap.” There are millions of low end straps available today but these Rob Nelson Leather Straps are for those who want only the very best or for a gift for someone who wants only the best. The straps are made in the USA of only the finest quality 8 oz. Double Shoulder cowhide which is soft and durable though heavy and gorgeous. It is amazing how the design stabilizes the guitar and makes the instrument easier to play. The straps can be made to any width or reasonable length desired and are fully adjustable. The Art Window is where you see the animals or bikes or flowers etc, and is a place where you can select the art the artist puts into the leather. The art can be in color or in the same color as the strap. Below you will see a variety of options like buckles, and colors and different patterns carved into the leather. Have it your way, and get what you want on a great leather strap. These fine leather straps are of such quality that they can be family heirlooms which can be passed down from generation to generation. Give Bobby a call toll free at 888 422 0788 and he can help you design exactly what you want, and like ordering a custom guitar, in a few months you will have a one of a kind work of art made from Rob Nelson Leather.

Custom Carved Strap Options and Prices

Blank leather Protective Finished with Adjustable Tail $100

Initials Carved $20 Per Letter

Initials Stamped $10 Per Letter

One Buckle Attached Small $25

One Buckle Attached Large $35

Two Buckles Attached Small $50

Two Buckles Attached Large $70

Laced Medallion w/letters $60

Laced Medallion w/o Letters $50

Basket Weave Carve $75

Carved Art Window        $100

Carved Art Window Color $150

Full Art              $200

Leather Lining     $50

Stitch Carve        $50

Full Stitch      $100

Ostrich Inlay $100