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2015 Martin SWOMGT Acoustic Sustainable Wood Guitar Used 1Hr
2015 Martin SWOMGT Acoustic Sustainable Wood Guitar Used 1Hr
Item# SWOMGT-1177375
Factory List Price: $2,299.00
Sale Price: $1,599.00

Product Description


2015 USA Martin SWOMGT Acoustic Sustainable Wood Guitar Like New and Spotless

Absolutely Spotless and Like New and in Unplayed Condition

Includes all the Original Papers and Cards

Plays and Sounds Like Heaven

Super Smooth Beautiful Cherry Wood Neck

Tortoise Design Headstock Overlay

Gold Chrome Raised Martin Logo

Famous Bluegrass OOO Size Body

28 Style Inlaid dot Markers

Sustainable Hardwood Super Fast Fingerboard and Bridge

Gorgeous Cherry Solid Wood Back and Sides

Rich Tortoise Shell Colored Binding

Tortoise Shell Colored Pick Guard

Martin Gold Plated Quality Tuning Machines

Beautiful Solid Spruce Top (Rescued Spruce w/ Awesome Sound)

Full Gloss Finish on Top

Martin 640 Molded Hard Shell Case Included

You are viewing a Martin SWOMGT Sustainable Wood USA Acoustic Guitar from Oklahoma Vintage Guitar/Best Price Guitar. We sell a lot of nearly new Martin Guitars. We have a lot of Martin buyers come to us who have bought Martin guitars that do not fit their style of playing. Because Martin is thought of as one of the top names in the guitar world there are some people who buy them just because they are famous. Many times these people do not know the Martin line really well before they buy. Unfortunately, neither does the average sales person in some of the national music store chains. Lots of times they don’t know a spruce from a moose about guitars and how they fit styles and needs of players. For this reason, we have fingerpickers come to us with an almost new OOO Size Bluegrass style Martin who are asking if we have a guitar that fits their style better, or a Bluegrass player who has just bought a new cutaway electric small body 00 but he can’t “cut through” when it is his time for the break in the band. We have committed ourselves to helping guitar players find the exact guitar that fits what they want and need. For this reason we do get several “Almost New” Martin Guitars each month in trade while helping players find the right piece for them.

This is the case with this guitar. It is the latest model played about an hour and it is perfect. It doesn’t even have any fingerprints on it. The Cherry on this guitar is exceptionally beautiful and it sounds better than Most any guitar we have ever had. This one is really a cannon. The neck is also made of Cherry and it is gorgeous and super smooth. I like it because it a refreshing difference from the thousands of Mahogany necks on almost all acoustic guitars in the world today. It has one of the clearest cleanest Solid Spruce tops ever used on a guitar. It has a super great action that plays so easily. One of the reasons the guitar plays so easily is the 1-3/4 inch nut width. The classic vintage look of this beautiful Martin is topped off with tortoise color body binding and a classic tortoise color pick guard. This pristine guitar sounds like a guitar that has been aged for years but it was built in the last year and has been used about an one hour. It is spotless and exactly like new. The dot abalone inlays are really beautifully colored on this guitar. This guitar comes with a Black Molded Martin hard shell case and all the original Martin papers and goodies. The guitar is spotless and just like new and in un-played condition with no wear at all anywhere on it or the case. It comes with a brand new set of Martin Strings installed and has been professionally set up to play super well and fast with these strings.

This is your chance to get this great guitar just like new without having to pay the new price. The guitar comes with a full warranty through Oklahoma Vintage Guitar in El Reno and has not the Martin Lifetime Factory Warranty. Give us a call toll free at 1-888-422-0788 if you have questions about this item. Your satisfaction is always our priority here at Oklahoma Vintage Guitar.

The Martin High End guitars are very expensive fine hand made musical instruments and we do not take lightly the handling of these instruments. We do not get in a hurry when setting up, inspecting or packing these guitars. For this reason please allow at least 10 days to two weeks to receive this guitar. If you need it for your gig next Friday night , this is probably not your best choice. Tragically, we have seen some awesome pieces destroyed when shippers get in a hurry. Plus, if the guitar has to be returned because of set up problems, it is exposed to twice the chance of destruction in shipping. So, again, please allow at least ten days to two weeks to receive this guitar because it is a lifetime investment for you and not something we handle quickly or lightly.

A Word About CF Martin Company’s Commitment to Sustainable Wood for Ecological Purposes:

C. F. Martin formalized its long-standing ecological policy in 1990. This program embraced the judicious and responsible use of traditional natural materials and encouraged the introduction of sustainable-yield, alternative wood species. Martin’s consumer focus group research has led to the introduction and wide-spread acceptance of guitars utilizing structurally sound woods with natural cosmetic characteristics formerly considered unacceptable. Martin has also developed numerous sustainable-yield, alternative wood guitars for industry-wide exhibitions intended to educate our consumers and provide direction for the company and industry. The company recognizes CITES as the governing authority on endangered species and closely follows their directives. Martin has recently begun exploring the viability of utilizing Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifiable wood sources and supports the introduction of FSC guitar models as soon as commercially feasible. The Solid Cherry Wood in this guitar is a part of the commitment to using wood that is sustainable to make some of the finest guitars in the world. You will be amazed at the sound and beauty of a wood that is so easily sustainable.