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JBL EON 510 Powered Portable 10" Speaker with EQ.
JBL EON 510 Powered Portable 10" Speaker with EQ.
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Product Description

JBL EON 510 Powered Portable 10" Speaker with EQ.

Fantastic JBL EON510 Speaker System

The EON510 is a 10-inch, two-way, powered, portable speaker system. Capable of reproducing full bandwidth sound at high levels it offers the additional utility of a 3 channel built-in mixer. The EON510 is comprised of a 254 mm (10 in) Differential Drive® woofer, a 25.4 mm (1 in) neodymium high frequency compression driver coupled to a 100° H by 60° V waveguide. Both components are driven by the discrete channels of a 280 watt Class-D integrated power amplifier. The input section contains all cross-over functions, protection, and mixer functionality. In layman's terms, Sandra and the boys and I use these in our family band and they are awesome. We use them indoors and outdoors, we use them in small churches and large churches and we even used a pair of them recently in a 100,000 sq ft tractor barn in NW OKlahoma for a farm tribute and the sound and clarity, even there, was amazing. You don't have to lug amps and speakers seperately and because the amp and the speaker is in the same cabinet the sound is stunning for the money. They are not heavy but they sound huge. Sometimes if I am just speaking at a small venue I take only one of the EON510 speakers and a mic and that is all I need. I have even plugged an acoustic guitar with a pedal and a mic into one and played a gig with just this as the entire system. You will be amazed at how much perfectly clear amplification and even acoustic amplification you will get out of just one of these little fellows. If you want to go bigger, you put two of them onstands and we even use a couple more for monitors on stage with us at times. Because each one has its own internal amp you can use dozens of them and not have to worry about ohmage and configuration. Just set em up and hookem up and they play. And if you really want to rock the world you add a JBL 518S Powered Subwoofer which is designed to work with these babies. If you add two subs then you can rearrange your own DNA structure and you still haven't spent $4000 for Two Mains, Two Monitors, and Two Subs and 3000 watts of crystal clear power. I'm telling you the facts here, you can spend anywhere from $600 to $4000 and you get the best sound for the best dollar on the planet ready to rock right out of the box. Hey, it's JBL, Did you expect anything less?


280 watt High-Performance Powered Speaker System

Ultra Light Weight and Extremely Compact

Soft touch top grip for easy handling

10" Differential Drive® low-frequency driver with neodymium magnet for low-distortion and light weight

1" throat diameter next generation JBL neodymium compression driver

Efficient Class-D digital amplifier technology

Built-in 3 Channel Mixer

100° H x 60° V asymmetrical waveguide for uniform audience coverage

Line level and direct microphone input capability

Selectable Pre-engineered EQ settings

Unique Mix/Loop signal flow function for extended system application

Easy “daisy-chain” connections for extending the system

Integrated M10 suspension points for easy rigging

Multi angle enclosure for main or monitor applications

Integrated 36 mm pole mount socket with stabilizing securing screw

Highly designed composite enclosures for durability, lightweight, and acoustic performance