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New Hannah Montana Electric Guitar Pack

New Hannah Montana Electric Guitar Pack
Item# HMPk
Factory List Price: $179.99
Sale Price: $99.95

Product Description

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This is a Disney - Washburn 3/4-size Hannah Montana electric guitar. This is NOT a toy, but a real musical instrument. This beautiful purple guitar is not your regular beginner/toy guitar. As you can see by the video, this is a great instrument which your secret star CAN learn to play. The specs are as follows:

  • Select Hardwood Body.
  • Nickel/Silver Frets.
  • Single Coil Pickup in Bridge Position.
  • Lipstick Pickup in the Neck Position.
  • 3 Way Switch, Tone and Volume Knobs.
  • White Pick Guard.
  • Purple Guitar Cable Included.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Four Color Box Design.

Retail value of this instrument is $119.95, but for only $99.95 you can get this guitar, the Hannah Montana Guitar strap (sold separately for $9.95) , the Hannah Montana Pocket Amp (sold separately for $19.95) , AND a Washburn LSMT30 chromatic tuner with metronome (sold separately for $29.95). When you add all that together, the value of this pack is a whopping $179.80! PLUS! Our Hannah Montana Guitars are all professionally set up for maximum playability for your little rock star. The last thing you want to do is to get a guitar with a high action (where the strings are too high) that hurts your little one's fingers. We will do a setup to ensure nice low action so that it is as easy as possible on the fingers. We won't just stick it in a box and ship it out like many others do, we check each and every guitar prior to shipment. We will do our best to get the instrument out the door to UPS the day we receive payment by 2:00 central time, however, to be sure the guitar is set up right, it might take an extra day or two. In my opinion, well worth the wait!

The pocket amp which comes in this pack is a small, lightweight headphone amp. This way your player can practice with privacy. Whenever they are ready to be on stage, we are ready to help them with a new amp to light up the sound on stage. Also this guitar will work great with any amp you may already have. Like I said, this is a real instrument, not a toy!

The strap is a light blue adjustable vinyl and has three Hannah Montana collector pics that fit right on the strap itself.

The tuner is a true professional chromatic tuner which my son, who is a sophomore in high school, just took one of to put in his saxophone case! He likes the metronome, as it helps him practice at the right speed. And many guitar tuners cannot be used for band instruments as they do not "catch" all the notes, just the guitar EADGBE notes. This one will show every note, sharp and flat. It will beep the time for 3/4, 4/4, 6/4, and more. The box shows that it takes a 9V battery which is not included, however, the four boxes I have opened DO have the battery included. I can't promise every one will, but so far all I have opened include the battery.

Please take a good look at the pictures and you can see this is a beautiful little guitar for your little rock star! I believe we have the best deal on the internet with all that we have included in this pack, and with shipping anywhere in the continental US only $19.00, this one is a real winner.

Hannah Montana Pack