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Fender® Super Champ XD Guitar Amp

Fender® Super Champ XD Guitar Amp
Item# 233-1100-000
Factory List Price: $419.99
Sale Price: $299.99
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Product Description

15 Watt Tube “Class AB” Power Amp.

"Voice" Control with 16 Different Amp Voicings Delivering Various Clean and Overdriven Tones for any Style of Music: Blues, Rock, Country, Jazz, Metal, and More.

16 DSP Effects (Vibratone Slow; Vibratone Fast; Delay 130ms; Delay 300ms; Delay 450ms; Large Room Reverb; Concert Hall

Reverb; Classic Fender Spring Reverb; Reverb+Delay; Fast Chorus; Deep Chorus; Chorus+Delay; Chorus+Reverb; Tremolo Low

Speed; Tremolo Medium Speed; Tremolo High Speed).

External Speaker Output Allows use with External Speaker Cabinet Line Output.

Strap Handle.

Red Jeweled Pilot Light.