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Fender® G-dec Junior Guitar Amp

Fender® G-dec Junior Guitar Amp
Item# 235-1000-000
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Product Description

*15 Watts into an 8" Special Design Speaker.

*16 Amp Types, Including Tweed, Blackface™, British, Hot Rod, Metal, Jazz, and Acoustic, Recreate the Guitar Tones Needed to Play any Style of Music.

*15 Special Effects Presets, Including Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flange and Tremolo.

*15 Drum/Bass/Accompaniment Loops, Including Patterns Appropriate for Rock, Blues,Jazz, Metal, Country, Latin, Hip-hop and More.


*Key Selector Knob Allows for 14 Different Keys; "Bass Off" may be Selected, Allowing only the Drum Sounds to be Activated.

*Tempo Knob Allows Settings from 30 to 240 Beats Per Minute.

*Separate Controls for Guitar Volume and Backing Loop Volume.

*Built-in E-tuner with LED Indicator.

*MIDI Connector Allows for Streaming Files from Computer.

*1/8" AUX In Allows Jam-along Capability with External CD or MP3 Player.

*1/8" Headphone Jack Doubles as a Line Output to Recording Gear or Other Amplifier